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Us on Top of Humanality Multi Pitch

Our first post and hopefully not our last!

After wrapping up everything and saying our goodbyes we left Singapore on 18th March 2017 and to date we’ve been on the road now for about a month.

The first part of our trip is travelling overland to Mongolia via all our favourite climbing spots and some new ones. Silvia and I have both travelled extensively throughout South East Asia separately so weren’t interested in seeing the sights – just climbing!

After a quick pit stop to see my dad in Kuala Lumpur we took a few buses and a boat and arrived in Tonsai. The only thing worth noting was me having to pee in a zip lock bag on an overnight bus that refused to stop for bladder relief. Not my greatest hour.

Tonsai ……. Oh Tonsai, it’s a place we’ve both been before and I’ve literally spent months of my life there. It’s a climbing mecca in South East Asia with limestone cliffs surrounded by majestic beaches and palm trees. Hundreds of routes with a great climbing community and plenty of familiar faces.

Longtale Boat to Eagle Wall

We spent almost a month in Tonsai just climbing, eating, sleeping and repeating! Luckily the weather held out and we managed to tick off most of our to do list. Highlights include

  • Pyn leading 7b Cross Eyed and Silvia leading 6c on Wild Kingdom
  • Kayaking to Golden Chandliers on Ao Nang Tower, our first multi pitch on a free standing sea tower
Ao Nang Tower Multi Pitch with our Kayak below
  • Setting up my first highline, 40 metres high, almost 60 metres long – shame I couldn’t walk it
Pyn on the 60 Meter High Line, that he set up

I managed to get worms in my feet from a small cut, which isn’t as bad as it sounds just pretty disgusting and itchy.

On our rest days from climbing we dived head first into this blog thing, coming up with a name and domain etc. It’s a lot of hard work but we look forward to preserving our travel memories in predominantly video format for you all to enjoy.

After we left Tonsai we went to Koh Lanta for Songkran, the Thai New Year which is basically a water festival. That was alright for a couple of days. Onwards to Bangkok where we visited an awesome market on a railway track and some rooftop bars.

Fast forward to today where we bused for 24 hours from Bangkok to Green Climbers Camp in Thakhek, Laos.

Till our next post follow us on Instagram @_alwayswandering and enjoy the video Silvia cut of our Tonsai time.


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