Travel Insurance Tips & How to Avoid Claim Rejection

Our top Travel Insurance Tips to ensure that your claim is succesful. 

  1. Ensure you have digital copies of the receipts for everything you buy or take with you on your trip. This makes it easier to make a claim.
  2. Keep a digital copy of your policy number and emergency policy contact details available.
  3. If you take out any large amounts of cash or keep a few $100 bills as emergency cash stashed amongst your belongings make sure you take a photo of the ATM receipt. Alternatively you can also show them a copy of your bank statement. Again provides evidence for claiming stolen cash.
  4. If anything is stolen, make sure you report it to the relevant authority and then get a police statement within 24 hours. If you really can’t get a police statement then a statement from your hotel, tour operator or authority may be adequate. The statements need to be signed and dated. 
  5. If your bag goes missing from a bus or airline make sure the bus or airline produce a statement acknowledging that your bag was stolen.
  6. For any medical emergency note down exactly what happened, when and why you may have been admitted to a medical facility. Obviously keep all the receipts.
  7. Witness statements are sometimes requested so keep the contact details for any witnesses.
  8. Try and submit the claim as soon as possible even if you don’t have all the information. One of the great things about World Nomads is that they have 24/7 phone line and email support and you can claim online.
  9. If you take out Travel Insurance for a six month trip and know you will be climbing a 6,000m mountain for a couple of weeks its possible with World Nomads to upgrade your insurance just for that time period.
  10. Don’t forget there is an excess amount to make a claim which the insurance company will take off the amount they reimburse you. 

Finally if your claim is initially rejected, don't give up! Firstly ask why it was rejected and if appropriate gather the necessary information required to reapply. If this is also not succesful then file an appeal. 

The most IMPORTANT thing to do with Travel Insurance is make sure you check the T&C’s properly before claiming. There is nothing worse than submitting a claim and then realising that you aren’t properly covered.

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  1. If you have all the photocopies of the insurance before claiming then it will be easy for you to get the money easily and without any hassle as all of the companies wants a proper set of documentation and in this photocopies are more useful.

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