From One Boat to Another

Tadthong Waterfalls

After two months of climbing, we took a few weeks rest. Resting from climbing, that meant learning German, working on videos and travelling North into China.

We had reached Luang Prabang (Laos) by slow boat from Thailand. Luang Prabang is a beautiful town North of Laos, where Silvia had not been yet. It has many buddist temples and monks and is Unesco Wold Heritage Property. Beautiful to watch is when every morning at 5.30 am the monks walk the streets and get food and alms from people.

Daily giving of alms to the monks

We spent a few days in the town. But the highlight was a motorbike ride outside, the Tadthong waterfalls. We arrived at the waterfall early, at opening time, hence avoided the crowds. We had the whole area to ourselves and enjoyed jumping into the water. It was colder then it looked, but what one does for some piece of footage…

Silvia washing her hair

The next day, we took a bus to Nong Khiao, a picturesque village on the Ou River. Our bungalow overlooked the river and was incredibly beautiful and incredibly cheap. We hiked a mountain in the biggest heat of the day and jumped into Ou River in front of our bungalow afterwards. Ou River was suspiciously warm, but it was too good to worry.

At the view point in Nong Khiaw

Most importantly, the food was amazing. With Silvia being vegetarian, it can be challenging at times to find something good, but Nong Khiaw had great vegetarian food. After a few days hiking, swimming and chilling in the sun, the rain and thunder came. So it was time to leave and continue up the river by boat to China. We stopped briefly in Muang Ngoy, where we cut the following video of all the cold and warm waters we swam in and the beauty spots we found over the past few days.

The next few days will be just travelling. First again by boat up Ou River. Further up the river, a dam is being built by a Chinese electricity company. This could mean the picturesque villages we had stayed in and the lifestyle of those living there, might change very soon.  The change is significant for the farmers who depend on the river.

We really enjoyed travelling by boat, more then by bus. The views were great, it was slow and with a good book or blog work to do never too boring.

But we will move on, leave the river and travel by bus into China. Getu and its climbing is waiting for us. Pyn is excited to climb and Silvia will enjoy the climbing once she reaches the first anchor. Silvia wants to improve her Chinese over the next weeks, we will let you know how that works out. And she hopes Pyn feels the same about his German, will keep you posted on that one too.

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