Fujian – UNESCO Tulous

Climbing vs Travelling

For the last 3 months Silvia and I have revisited our favourite climbing spots and explored new ones with an ever growing family of climbers that have been travelling in the same direction.

Our first stage goal has always been to travel overland from Singapore to Mongolia and after we left Yangshuo we sent our climbing gear to New Zealand and replaced it with a tent, sleeping bags and a stove.

Climbing allows us to stay in an area for a good amount of time and really make it feel like home, however this doesn’t always equate to immersing yourself in the culture. Trying to send everyday doesn’t leave much time for seeing the local sites but you do get to see remote crags surrounded by nature and without any tourists.

The tradeoff is difficult and so begins the next stage in our journey without any climbing gear and focusing on travelling and being a tourist.

Next stop Fujian and the Unesco World Heritage Tulous an amazing set of structures. Continue with our adventure below.

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