10 Tips To Make Your Sleeping Bag Warmer

Mongolian Horseman atop Hill

We thought we’d whip up a quick article on ways to increase the comfort sleeping temperature of your sleeping bag. In other words make your sleeping bag warmer. As you know we like to carry the minimum which means that for the coldest conditions we camp in we will be wearing and using everything we … Read more

Free Travel Apps for 2018

Travel Apps

Smartphones and apps have become a big part of daily life and travel apps can make travelling a hell of a lot easier.Gone are the days when you get off a bus in the middle of nowhere and wonder if you can just walk to the nearest hostel or need to take a taxi. We put … Read more

Free Rock Climbing Guide for Piedra Parada, Argentina

Entrance to Butreria Canyon

Table of Contents Why Come to Piedra ParadaWhen to Go to Piedra ParadaHow to Get to Piedra ParadaAccommodation in Piedra ParadaHow Good is the Climbing at Piedra Parada?Are the Bolts Safe?Chalk, Gear & GuidesPower & WifiFood & WaterEverything Else You Need to KnowWhat to Do on Rest Days Why Come to Piedra ParadaPiedra Parada is … Read more

Travel Insurance Tips & How to Avoid Claim Rejection

Travel Insurance Tips

Our top Travel Insurance Tips to ensure that your claim is succesful. Ensure you have digital copies of the receipts for everything you buy or take with you on your trip. This makes it easier to make a claim.Keep a digital copy of your policy number and emergency policy contact details available.If you take out any … Read more

Do I Need To Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance Claim

Table of Contents Why do you need Travel Insurance?Our Real Life StoriesWhat do you need to know about Travel Insurance?Why World Nomads Travel Insurance? Why do you need Travel Insurance?Well you wouldn’t drive a car without car insurance, own a home without home insurance and it’s the same for travelling, you need travel insurance. It … Read more

Mit Auto, Zelt und zu Fuss auf der Südinsel in Neuseeland

Trekking in NZ

Gästeblog von Theres Arnold-Curiger Neuseeland 24. Oktober – 18. November 2017 Click here for translated English version here. Via Singapur kamen wir nach zwei Tagen auf der Südinsel im sonnigen, aber kühlen Christchurch an. Pyn und Silvia holten uns am Flughafen ab und schon ging’s über die Berge Richtung Kaikoura. Dank unserer bequemen Campingausrüstung schliefen … Read more

Driving, Camping & Trekking – South Island, New Zealand

We were very happy that Theres and Walter, Silvia’s parents joined us for three weeks, travelling through the South Island, New Zealand. Guest Blog Spot by Theres Arnold-Curiger Please click here for the orginial blog post in German. After arriving in Singapore for two days, we arrived in sunny but cool Christchurch on the South Island. … Read more

Riding through Tavan Bogd, Altai Mountains Diary

2 Horses 1 Camel 1 Dog

Riding through Tavan Bogd, Altai Mountains Diary This is our mostly unedited diary of 28 days unguided riding in Tavan Bogd with our own animals which purchased in Sagsai. The highlights are in red and the accompanying blog post, video and photos are here. If you’re keen to buy your own horses and ride in … Read more

Buying Horses in Mongolia

Tavan Bogd

Buying Horses in Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia+ Diary When we started travelling in March we hadn’t really thought about buying horses in Mongolia. But this trip really was everything you can imagine it was. Every day we had severe highs and lows. The highs were as simple as all six of us cruising along … Read more

Gobi Desert, South Mongolia

After learning about long distance horse riding in Khovsgol, in the North we crossed the country and treated ourselves with a tour in a van. We couldn’t leave Mongolia, without getting a taste of the Gobi Desert in South Mongolia. So we ventured out, guided by Urnaa, to see the highlights of Gobi Desert. We … Read more