Buying Horses in Mongolia

The Ultimate Guide:

Buying Horses in Mongolia

An indepth guide to prepareing for Independent Horse Trekking through the Mongolian Steppe with your own horse:
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    Packed with Local Resources. Where to buy your horse, how much it should cost and how to find a translator. 
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    how to prepare. What to do if you have minimal horse riding experience and what you should bring with you. 
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    Safety. How to stay safe on the Mongolian steppe and the easiest methods to protect yourself as a solo rider. 

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Christian Lavery,

British Colombia

“This book is well thought out, and sets the information out in a quick and easy way to plan accordingly. I especially like the way that this guide sets you up to do everything on your own, without a guide. A must if your even interested in the idea of what it takes to travel in the wilds of Mongolia.”

In The Book, You Will Discover:


A detailed breakdown on what animals you should consider for the different terrains in Mongolia. Why you should adopt a dog. Plus costings, feeding and where to buy the animals.


Understanding the Mongolian culture is important. This chapter provides background on the cultural aspects of interacting with nomadic families and utilising their resources to ensure a successful trip. 


How to plan your route and understand what safety precautions you can take. Methods and resources to allow you to accurately navigate through the Steppe. 


Detailed lists of all the horse and camel tack, camping and cooking gear you will require to be self sufficient. Also what is available in Mongolia and where you can purchase it.

Always Wandering

About the Authors : Silvia and Pyn from Always Wandering

Silvia and Pyn successfully rode, unguided and unsupported through the Altai Mountains in Tavan Bogd National Park, West Mongolia at the end of the 2017 Mongolian summer. After buying two horses, a camel and a dog they navigated through the steppe, riding for a month over passes and through valleys. During that month they experienced all types of weather, no villages or towns, ate with eagle hunters and regularly interacted with the sparse nomadic community. 

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Buying Horses & Long Riding in Mongolia

Preparation, Budgeting, Route Planning, Animal Care - this guide covers everything

Chapters include 

  • Quickly and Cheaply get the required horse riding experience
  • Costs of Animals & Animal Care
  • Safety & Route Planning
  • Permits & Visas
  • Cooking
  • Food & Water
  • Local Culture & Customs
  • Money, Electricity Hygiene

BONUS CHAPTER : A wealth of extra resources to read and watch before undertaking your adventure. 

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