Buying Horses in Mongolia

Tavan Bogd

Buying Horses in Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia+ Diary When we started travelling in March we hadn’t really thought about buying horses in Mongolia. But this trip really was everything you can imagine it was. Every day we had severe highs and lows. The highs were as simple as all six of us cruising along … Read more

Gobi Desert, South Mongolia

After learning about long distance horse riding in Khovsgol, in the North we crossed the country and treated ourselves with a tour in a van. We couldn’t leave Mongolia, without getting a taste of the Gobi Desert in South Mongolia. So we ventured out, guided by Urnaa, to see the highlights of Gobi Desert. We … Read more

Simatai – The Great Wall & More

The Great Wall

So since sending our climbing gear to New Zealand we started to really travel and do your standard touristy things. These days it’s a lot easier to travel in China with apps like CTrip and Pleco; combine this with the new high speed train network and the country doesn’t feel as big as it really … Read more

Fujian – UNESCO Tulous

Toulou Fujian

Climbing vs Travelling For the last 3 months Silvia and I have revisited our favourite climbing spots and explored new ones with an ever growing family of climbers that have been travelling in the same direction. Our first stage goal has always been to travel overland from Singapore to Mongolia and after we left Yangshuo … Read more

Yangshuo Baby!

We rejoined our Tonsai & Thakhek climbing family in the climbing mecca of Yangshuo, still in China. A picturesque tourist town in Guangxi with a McDonalds and Starbucks, it was a vast contrast to the sleepy farming village of Getu – video here. We stayed in Yangshuo for three weeks and battled rain, stairs, floods … Read more

Enter The Motherland – Getu, China

Getu Arch

We are mixing things up a bit and starting with the video! For more description and photos continue below. For the first time in this trip we ventured into territories unknown. Pyn had unsuccessfully attempted to get into China about four years ago (it was on a whim and he didn’t have a visa) using … Read more

From One Boat to Another

View Point in Laos

After two months of climbing, we took a few weeks rest. Resting from climbing, that meant learning German, working on videos and travelling North into China. We had reached Luang Prabang (Laos) by slow boat from Thailand. Luang Prabang is a beautiful town North of Laos, where Silvia had not been yet. It has many … Read more

Crazy Horse – Yes More Climbing

After leaving Green Climbers Home in Laos, we hitchhiked into Thakhek and three buses and 16 hours later we arrived in the digital nomad and backpackers paradise of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Check out our Chiang Mai Climbing Guide here. A welcome sanctuary after sleeping in a tent in the woods with no connection to … Read more

Free Rock Climbing Guide for Crazy Horse, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pyn Climbing

Climbing in Crazy Horse, Chiang Mai was probably once overlooked by the much more scenic climbing in Tonsai but since the first bolting started in 1998 the crag has exploded with easily enough routes for a weeks worth of hardcore climbing and is now firmly on the climbers trail through South East Asia. Crazy Horse Crag … Read more