Who Are We

Our Travel Philosophy

We wander, wonder and climb the world. Travelling slow, overland where possible and happy to stay a few weeks in a place to fully immerse ourselves in the culture. Rock climbing is our passion and we are always searching for new crags in the countries we travel.

Meeting locals and experiencing their culture and hospitality is a big part of why we travel. We endeavour to get off the beaten track especially to countries we can see are changing rapidly.

We try to travel as cheaply as possible meaning dorms and a lot of camping. Love adventures, trekking, climbing anything that gets us into the outdoors.

In the past we’ve travelled light with 30 litre backpacks, but now with climbing and camping gear we’re more on the heavier side even with minimal clothing.

We aren’t part of the new generation of travellers who believe and advertise that you can work and travel indefinitely at the same time, preferring to work full-time and then taking a year off to pursue new adventures.

This amateur blog is for all our friends and family to have an idea of what we are doing and giving back to the travelling and climbing community in the form of guides to share the knowledge we’ve acquired.



Silvia was born in Switzerland in the wonderful canton of Uri and calls that her home. Recently quit her job to travel after working for a Swiss bank for 15 years across Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Experienced in getting off the beaten track having been to Myanmar in 2008 and more recently Georgia, Romania and Kyrgyzstan.

She loves travelling, drinking water from the spring, dreaming, theatre, improvisations, coincidence, mountains, rocks, stereotypes and breaking them, grape juice, wonderful people, her home and leaving it.



A BBC (British Born Chinese) of Chinese/Malaysian heritage and a born and bred Yorkshire man without the accent. Spent the last 5 years alternating between working (in Melbourne and Singapore) and travelling.

Covered a lot of ground, including 6 months in India and at least a month in each country in South East Asia. Favourite places travelled include Papua New Guinea, East Cambodia, Sumatra and North East India.

Constantly mistaken for a local in many countries he’s travelled, by locals and tourists alike. Hotel guests have asked him for towels, apple store customers have asked if something is in stock and sometimes it works in his favour to skip the fee at tourists sites because the locals think he is a guide.

Requires adventure and the outdoors, whether its skiing in Hokkaido, trekking in Ladakh or multipitching in Australia being outdoors makes it worthwhile.

Notes :

  • Generally doesn’t make good first impressions but makes up for it if you give it time.
  • A lot older than he looks.